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  • Bowen Behandlung

    Ein Bowen Behandlung dauert in der Regel inkl. Gespräch eine Stunde. Babies und Kinder bis 6 Jahre behandle ich gerne im Rahmen der Elternbehandlung mit. Preise: 60 min - € 80,- 30 min - € 60,- 90 min - € 110,- Paarbehandlungen (z.B. bei Kinderwunsch) 60 min - € 120,-/Paar

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  • Giving wings to the soul - Welcome to my Holotropic world

    Transpersonal psychology, expanded states of consciousness and body therapy If someone had told me in the past that I would study and become passionate about Transpersonal Psychology, the body-mind-soul connection, altered states of consciousness and Holotropic Breathwork, I would have said: Holo- what, please? I had no clue about all these terms. As a political scientist, I worked for international organizations in conflict countries, later I developed and implemented projects to combat human trafficking, first as an employee and since 2008 as a freelance consultant. A severe personal crisis lead me to discover Holotropic Breathwork®. Suddenly the path was the goal and this path led me into new, unknown worlds. Working with trauma, I have asked myself throughout my life if and how it might be possible to grow into a fulfilled and healthy life. In a life where joy and well-being truly exist despite whatever painful and damaging experiences one might have had and that lead to rather contracted states of consciousness. The sentences that I hear from my clients and that I used to say to myself are: I feel more death than alive. Even if I'm with other people, I'm lonely. I am in a constant struggle for survival and feel utterly exhausted and tired of functioning in this world. Today many different and exciting modalities for self-discovery, personal development and trauma healing exist. For me Holotropic Breathwork® and the therapeutic work in expanded states of consciousness brought the shift and allowed for a comprehensive transformation and integration of trauma. With this inner shift my perspective on and experience of the outside world changed as well. Today I say: Life is colorful and worth living. Even if there are problems, challenges or conflicts, I deal with them differently today. Not because I learned it mentally, but because I am not anymore in flight/fight or freeze mode but see the world from a relaxed inner state. Instead of (unconscious) fear, curiosity and joy are my motivation now. Many people who come to Holotropic Breahtwork and embark onto their inner journey report the same.Not only trauma survivors, but very diverse people. People of different ages from 16 to 80, from different gender from many different countries, with diverse professional and educational backgrounds. Some are simply curious about growth and further development. Some are dealing with relationship issues. Many have health problems or suffer from our culture of 'faster - further - more'. There are many causes for all this. And it is precisely these causes that may enter into consciousness, into our awareness when working in Holotropic states of consciousness. Through active integration work they can then be transformed and everyday life might unfold in new ways. What is the meaning of Holotropic? Holotropic is a word composed of two Greek terms. Holos means whole, holistic, complete. Trop comes from trepein and means move towards something. Holotropic can roughly be translated as Moving towards Wholeness. And that's exactly what this blog is about. What does wholeness mean? What does this has to do with a meaningful and joyful life? And how do I move towards it? What happens during Holotropic Breathwork® and the work in expanded states of consciousness? How are body, mind and soul connected and how can working on one level support and promote the healing of the other levels? Questions? You would like to know more? Please follow your curiosity and leave me a comment or question? If possible, I will discuss them in the upcoming articles.

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  • Schmerzfrei mit Bowen | Sonja Busch - Praxis für Körper & Bewusstsein | Wien

    GIVING WINGS TO BODY, MIND & SOUL WELCOME TO THE HOLISTIC HEALTH PRACTICE IN VIENNA & ONLINE Experiencing pain changes and transforms us. Pain has many faces, it can be physical, emotional, spiritual. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, influencing all areas of life and even take joy and happiness away. To put this spiral on hold, we investigate together what it takes to alleviate your pain and to resolve its causes on a physical and mental level, so that a sustainable transformation is possible. ​ I look forward supporting you on your journey to wellbeing, joy and vibrancy in my praxis in Vienna or online. Body-oriented methods & transpersonal approaches Bowen® Therapy Relieving pain & fostering health Holotropic Breathwork® Expanding consciousness & resolving trauma SoulCollage® Discover yourself and your creativity Kontakt Practice for Pain Care, Embodiment and Consciousness Vienna 1080 (Feldgasse) & 1220 (Ziegelhofstr.) Tel: +43 699 12346253 During the day I concentrate on my clients and my phone is switched off most of the time. I am therefore looking forward to receiving your message using this form, sms or signal. I will get back to you reliably. Send Thank you! Contact

  • Sonja Busch | Lebensweg

    "Everyone has access to their own inner healing wisdom that makes change and transformation possible at any time." Throughout my life I was driven by the question if it is possible to live a happy fulfilled life despite living through childhood trauma and with severe health challenges. Following this question I was led to many different places meeting wonderful people, teachers and mentors in my professional as well as my private life. After studying political science, sociology and pedagogy in Frankfurt/Main and first professional experiences in New York, Hamburg and Berlin, I started working for the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) as a democratization officer in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the late 90s. From 2003 to 2007 I was responsible for large multilateral projects to combat human trafficking for various organizations (GIZ, ICMPD) until I started my own consultancy business ( mediative solutions OG ) in Vienna in 2007 working with various organizations and teams in the psycho-social field and since 2014 more and more with individuals in the therapeutic field. My personal search has lead me mainly into the field of transpersonal psychology, embodiment techniques and the work with expanded states of consciousness in modern therapeutic as well as in shamanic contexts. Today I am healthy and very much enjoy bringing these methods into my professional practice supporting people on their individual journey towards self-empowerment and wholeness. I love to combine modern medical knowledge with ancient wisdom systems . If necessary, I work here in a network with doctors, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. As co-founder of the European Association for Holotropic Breathwork (EAHB) and as Austria coordinator for the international Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) Program I am passionate about raising awareness about the transformational potential of working in expanded states of consciousness and training people to become Holotropic Breathwork® facilitators. "If we don't listen to the whispering of our body that something is out of balance, it starts screaming." Lisa Rankin Professional training and education Master's degree in political science, sociology and pedagogy (MA), Johan Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt / Main --- Post-graduate diploma "International Marketing / PR", State University of New York --- Academic course "Supervision, Coaching & Organizational development ", ARGE Bildungsmanagement / Sigmund-Freud-University, Vienna --- Bowen® Bodywork and Therapy, European Bowen Academy, Certified Bowen® Practitioner --- Transpersonal Psychology & Grof certified facilitator for Holotropic Breathwork®, Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT), USA and Europe --- SoulCollage® Facilitator, SoulCollage Inc., USA --- Numerous training courses and further education, especially in the field of embodiment and trauma work (e.g. Berlin Center for Victims of Torture, Reddemann, Psychosynthesis, Body-Mind-Bowen) Hi, I am Sonja

  • SoulCollage | Sonja Busch | Wien & Online

    It's about living everything. If you live the questions, you may slowly, without even noticing it, grow into the answers. Rainer Maria Rilke SoulCollage®, a mirror of my soul connects me with my intuition. fosters creative expression, even if I believe myself not to be creative. is a tool that I can enjoy and create by myself or with others. allows me access to my inner wisdom and can be a guide in everyday life as well as in challenging situations. keeps bringing joy and depth into my life. What is SoulCollage®? SoulCollage® is an easy, joyful process in which you create your own soul cards using lots of colorful pictures and photos, scissors, glue and paper. With time more and more cards appear that reflect you in your innermost being, reveal your longings and dreams and connect you with your inner wisdom and strength . How you work with the cards, if you use them as a mirror of your soul in a therapeutic or coaching process, as an aid in difficult life situations, as an oracle to find visions or as a guide for decision-making is entirely up to you. However, you use them your soul cards will surprise you again and again, make you laugh, touch you and be a wonderful companion in everyday life. SoulCollage® was developed by Seena B. Frost (1932-2016), an American Jungian psychotherapist and theologian. Starting with her friends and colleagues SoulCollage® conquered the world from her living room. Today, thousands of facilitators work in a wide variety of contexts with people of all ages - be it in therapy, coaching, education, social work or in the private sphere with this wonderful method. For further information see also: Feel like diving into the magical world of SoulCollage®? Open groups start again in January 2023. Get in touch if you are interested. Yes, I am interested. "When the soul wants to experience something, she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it." Meister Eckhart

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