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Offer & prices

Bowen body treatments activate the self-healing powers and help with a variety of conditions from herniated discs to chronic pain, during pregnancy and after childbirth, to strengthen the immune system, for asthma, gastritis, anxiety and stress.

Individual session


30 min


60 min


90 min


10er card a 60 min



Couple session


60 min


90 min



EUR 50


EUR 80


EUR 110


EUR 750





EUR 120, - / pair


EUR 150, - / pair

Babies & toddlers

(up to 6 years)




(with simultaneous parental treatment)





Children & adolescents

(up to 16 years)


45 min EUR 50

Consultancy & Coaching

Dialogue, body awareness, imagination and trance exercises bring clarity and promote self-empowerment.

I work in person or online!

Individual session

60 min


90 min


Walk & Talk - Outdoor Coaching

In person or online


EUR 80


EUR 110

Individual or

as a group


Depending on duration and location.

Please contact me for an individual offer.

Imagination, trance journeys and creative expression allow us to recognize unconscious patterns, to dissolve them and dive into your creative power.

Individual session



60 min


90 min



Private SoulCollage®



0.5 day


1 day

In person or online


EUR 80


EUR 110




(up to 6 people)



EUR 450


EUR 800



Please contact me for a personalized offer if you are a larger group or would like to use SoulCollage® for a special occasion like weddings, birthdays, to support grieving or self-help groups.

Healing your deepest wounds in expanded states of consciousness.

Individual session


0.5 day




Private small groups with two facilitators


1 day plus integration


2.5 days intensive



EUR 380





(up to 10 people)

EUR 2000, -


EUR 4500, -



including preparation & integration




Costs for room rental and meals are not included.

Please contact us for a personalized offer.

Ongoing groups & workshops

Ongoing groups, workshops and seminars take place regularly:


  • Holotropic Breathwork® in Vienna, Austria and Europe.

  • SoulCollage® in Vienna, Austria and online.

  • Integration group Vienna.


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If my heart could do my thinking and my head begin to feel I would see the world anew and know what's truly really.

Van Morrison